Group Speaking Services
How's Bentley offers Group Speaking Services with topics suitable for schools, families, churches, veterinary clinics, civic organizations, government agencies, businesses, universities, breeders, law enforcement agencies, shelters, rescue organizations, training clubs and more.

Alan J Turner is available to speak at your group's luncheons, afternoon meetings, or evening programs. Alan will organize the content and duration of the presentation to compliment your meeting. Q and A sessions are always a portion of each program.
    $10.00 per adult (minimum 10 participants or $100.00)
  • 1-2 hours - you can provide the location or Iíll arrange for a location for additional fees
  • housetraining, crate training, play-biting, socialization
  • kids and dogs
  • how dogs learn and how best to teach them
  • teaching precision behaviors - dog-friendly clicker training introduction
  • multi-dog households
  • who's the leader - myths and facts about dominance and alpha
  • evaluation behavioral health (veterinary clinics, shelters and rescue groups)
  • summary of treatment for fearful and aggressive behaviors
  • home alone -understanding separation anxiety in dogs

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