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  • A domestic dog is more of a scavenger than a hunter.

  • Teach your children to avoid approaching any dog that is standing very stiff and still.

  • Most domestic female dogs can have two litters per year. Wolves and some dog breeds have only one litter per year.

  • The reason dogs dig holes for bedding is for thermoregulation (maintaining body temperature).

  • Eight week old puppies need to "go" every hour if they are awake and once or twice during the night.

  • Keeping a log of all feeding and elimination is a great method to learn how often your pup needs to 'go' outside.

  • Using force and intimidation are not the keys to becoming our dogs' leaders.

  • When dogs demand attention with rude behaviors like jumping up, barking, nipping, et cetera and are successful, they learn to exhibit those rude behaviors whenever they desire our attention.

  • The primary reason puppies and dogs jump up is to receive attention while greeting humans. We reinforce (maintain or increase) the attention-seeking, jumping behavior by petting, praising, yelling, or using our hands to push them away.

  • The best method to prevent many unwanted behaviors is to teach and reinforce a behavior that is incompatible with the unwanted behavior.

  • Recognize your dog's strengths and modify your training goals to accommodate innate and individual skills.

  • Body blocks send signals to your dog that you do not want to interact, hand pushes, eye contact and verbal corrections signal your willingness to interact.

  • Unfortunately, small, cute, young puppies are encouraged to jump up by everyone who greets them. Try asking your family and guests to fold their arms across their chests and ignore your jumping puppy.

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