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  • Play biting and mouthing are normal canine behaviors. Teaching dogs about bite inhibition should be conducted when they are young.

  • Dogs that play bite and mouth as adults are often the result of rough, inappropriate play by adults and children when the dogs were younger.

  • Begging at the table is the result of someone feeding the dog from the table.

  • Assertive puppies need more structure and shy puppies need more socialization.

  • Tests have shown that a dog cannot see its owner when the owner stands a mere 300 yards away, but is not moving. However, a dog can easily detect someone a mile away waving his arms!

  • Dogs and bitches do not get fat simply as a result of sterilization surgery. Like other mammals, they gain weight if they eat too much and exercise too little or are genetically programmed to be hefty.

  • There are many myths about canine reproductive needs. Chiefly among these are the suspicion that neutering turns a male into a sissy and spaying causes a female to get fat and to lament her lost capacity.

  • Heat cycles in fertile bitches bring hormonal changes that can lead to personality changes. Repeated heat cycles subject the reproductive system to uterine and mammary cancers and uterine infections.

  • The average life span for dogs has increased from 7 years in the 1930's to more than 12 years today. With the right care, it's not uncommon for dogs to live to 14 or more these days.

  • Veterinarians generally consider small dogs to be senior citizens at about 12 years of age, while large dogs reach the senior stage at 6 to 8 years of age. This roughly corresponds to the 55-plus category in people.

  • Problems with vision and hearing are natural as a dog ages. Accommodate these changes as best you can -- by not changing the location of furniture, for example, or clapping instead of calling your dog's name when he no longer seems able to hear you.

  • Feeding your dog table scraps from rich, fatty meals can give your dog gastroenteritis or pancreatitis.

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