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  • Dogs practice and perfect their skills each time they perform a behavior. Every time a dog bites a person, the risk of another biting incident increases.

  • Dogs with behavior problems should not be allowed access to food 24 hours a day.

  • Crating a dog with separation anxiety may actually increase anxious behavior, it depends on the dog.

  • Thunderstorm phobia, fear of fireworks, and noiseshyness can be reduced by programs using classical and operant conditioning techniques. See web site or contact How's Bentley to schedule a behavior consultation.

  • There are several factors that contribute to inappropriate elimination and determining the cause is important to the treatment plan. Some causes are: anxiety, attention-seeking, marking, incomplete housetraining, medical illness, excitement, and fear.

  • Your pup should meet many different persons and be exposed to as many new safe environments as possible from 9 to 16 weeks of age.

  • Dogs that bark and lunge at strangers may not be protecting you -they are more often exhibiting a fearful response.

  • Barking may be an indication of stress. Salivation, increased heart and respiratory rates are also possible indicators of stress.

  • Food aggression, a form of resource guarding, is a dangerous behavior problem. We do not compete with our dogs for food, therefore our dogs should not view us as competitors.

  • Normal dogs give us plenty of warnings before they bite.
  • Lip curling, growling, snarling, snapping, and baring of teeth are usually recognized by most persons as a threat. Body posturing; such as tail position, ear position, mouth position, head and neck position, dilated pupils, nature of stance, and motion of the eyes, is also a form of canine communication.

  • Friendly dogs jumping up on people are just as dangerous as dogs biting people. Both incidents may cause severe injuries requiring hospitalization.

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