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  • Hide-and-seek is a great game that can eventually be used to reduce barking at the front door or window. Teach your dog to come find you when the doorbell rings or when persons pass by the window!

  • Long dogs with short backs should not be encouraged to stand up on their hind legs.

  • Do not call your untrained puppy, juvenile, or adult dog if coming to you will result in something unpleasant to him such as confinement or nail trimming. Go to him, attach a leash, and then lead him wherever you wish.

  • If you call your untrained, puppy, juvenile, or adult dog and immediately do something he considers unpleasant, he will learn that coming to you when called is unpleasant and he will avoid that behavior in the future!

  • Suppose your dog is seeking your attention by barking.You ignore the barking for 24 minutes. After 24 minutes you give in and play. Your dog will learn that he must bark and bark and bark and bark for at least 24 minutes in order to get you to play.

  • When discussing attention-seeking behavior, the removal of your attention is a far more powerful (and more friendly) tool than physical punishment.

  • Dog friendly training involves reinforcing wanted behaviors, ignoring unwanted behaviors, and teaching a behavior that is incompatible with the unwanted behavior.

  • Drug use without a behavior modification plan is a recipe for failure and in aggression cases it is an ingredient for added danger.

  • Leaders control access to resources and following the Nothing in Life is Free protocol is the first step to establish social hierarchy with you as the leader.

  • Since dogs hone their skills each time an aggressive event takes place, the aggressive behavior will likely increase if not treated.

  • A high protein diet is not the best choice for every dog. Seniors require less protein and dogs with behavior problems may benefit from a reduction in protein. In scientific studies of mammals, protein has been proven to interfere with the metabolic process involved in the production of serotonin.

  • Inappropriate, out-of-context aggression in dogs can often be controlled, modified, and reduced -but never cured.

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