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  • Some dogs bite children because children are often eye-to-eye with the dogs and children do not recognize that a direct stare is a social challenge to the dog.

  • Reaching out your hand to greet a strange dog is a bad idea. Don't do it.

  • If your dog is not neutered and he/she is not a perfect example of a particular breed -so perfect that the breed may suffer if his/her genes are not placed into the gene pool - you probably should schedule an appointment to have him/her neutered right now.

  • More dogs are placed for adoption and killed due to behavior problems than dogs that die because of infectious diseases.

  • Head collars are not muzzles.

  • Obedience training provides the dog with vital information concerning its social rank in the family and has benefits which increase the probability of a harmonious long term relationship.

  • Obedience training establishes a safe method for communicating with dogs.

  • According to the just-released Statistical Abstract of the United States, the U.S. Census Bureau reported that 36.1 % of households own dogs, 31.6% own cats, 4.6% own pet birds, and 1.7% own horses.

  • U.S Census Bureau reported that 85% of the families that own dogs seek veterinary care, 66.8% of cat owners seek veterinary care, 56.7% of horse owners seek care and 12.9% of pet bird owners seek care.

  • Average number of veterinary visits per year for dog owners is 2.8, cat owners 1.9, bird owners .3, and horse owners 2.2.

  • Domestic dogs are tame animals, attracted to humans, and dependence upon humans is necessary for their survival.

  • Hide-and -seek is a great game to teach pups to come when called and to teach kids to play appropriately with puppies.

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