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  • Children should be taught to let sleeping dogs lie.

  • Kids should not reach for a dog that is under a bed, in a crate or in the corner of a room.

  • Kids should not approach a dog that is eating.

  • Dogs that are scolded for eliminating inside learn to hide from humans while eliminating inside.

  • Punishing your dog for growling is not always a good idea. A dog's growl is a valuable warning signal indicating they are uneasy or uncomfortable with a situation.

  • Adult dogs that play bite and mouth are often the products of rough, inappropriate play by children and adults when the dogs were younger.

  • Large, friendly dogs that jump up on people or dogs that pull while on a lead are just as dangerous as dogs that bite people. Both behaviors can cause serious injury humans.

  • Dogs with behavioral problems may benefit from a reduction in dietary protein intake.

  • In scientific studies of mammals, protein has been proven to interfere with the metabolic process involved in the production of serotonin.

  • Labeling a dog food as "premium" by major dog food manufacturers is not necessarily an indication of quality ingredients.

  • High quality pet foods contain no animal by-products.

  • The better dog foods have two meat sources of protein listed in the first three ingredients.

  • Food affects nutrition, nutrition affects health, health affects quality of life and behavior. Do some research and feed your dog a high quality diet.

  • Dietary supplements are not necessary for healthy dogs that are fed a high quality commercial dog food.

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