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  • To prevent your dog from learning that coming to you is the end of playtime, thus teaching her NOT to come when called, call your dog when she is playing, give her a treat, praise, or pat for coming, and release her so she can resume play!

  • Resource guarding is an evolutionary behavior. Dogs that did not protect resources such as food, territory and mates from competitors and predators did not get the chance to pass their genes down to future generations.

  • Food guarding is a dangerous behavior that can be managed, reduced or eliminated.

  • All behavior is the result of genetics and the environment.

  • Many people falsely believe their dogs are protecting them when in fact their dogs' behaviors are rooted in fear.

  • Dogs that perceive a threat when no threat exists can be helped with perception modification.

  • Assertive pups need a clear, kind, set of rules; timid pups need more interactions with all types of people and environments.

  • Teaching a dog to bark and 'shh' on cue is a dog friendly method to reduce nuisance barking.

  • Most terriers were originally bred to hunt alone and hounds were bred to hunt in groups. Genetically speaking, terriers are more likely to fight with other dogs while hounds are more likely to accept other dogs as comrades.

  • Dogs that exhibit excessive vocalization, excessive salivation, inside elimination and destructive behaviors (directed at entries, exits and windows) only when their people are away are suffering from separation anxiety.

  • Dogs that eliminate inside only when their people are present may be exhibiting attention-seeking behavior.

  • Young children should be taught that all food dropped on the floor belongs to the dogs.

  • A child should not be allowed to feed a dog from a highchair.

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