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  • Dogs have the greatest sense of smell of any domestic animal. Dogs have about 280 million olfactory cells compared to humans' 20 million cells.
  • Our dogs can smell a 6 week old fingerprint on a pane of glass!

  • Obesity is the most commonly reported problem associated with diet in dogs.

  • The second most reported dietary problem in dogs is anorexia and occurs more often in some small breeds.

  • Wolves, jackals, dogs, and coyotes can interbreed and produce fertile offspring.

  • Although wolf-dog hybrids are tame, they are reportedly dangerous and notoriously difficult to contain.

  • The only wild mammal with floppy ears is the elephant and Darwin associated floppy ears with domesticated animals in 1859.

  • Dogs reach sexual maturity within a year but do not reach social maturity until 18-36 months.

  • Most dog breed types or groups such as herding, hunting, lap, and guard were well established by the first century AD.

  • Thunder has frequencies above (ultrasounds) and below (infrasounds) the range of human hearing but within the range of

    other animals. Infrasounds carry for hundreds of miles and are probably used by dogs and other animals as a signal to seek shelter.

  • A 7-8 week old puppy's eyesight is equivalent to an adult dog.

  • We should stimulate newborn puppies by handling them a few minutes each day.

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