Dog Training Services FAQ

Find answers to dog behavior & training questions we hear daily. Our two most popular questions are: #6 What should I consider when selecting group or private training services? #10 Which private dog, cat or animal training service is best for me?

Puppy FAQ

Raising a puppy is much more than teaching sit! All puppies play bite, jump up, soil carpets, bark and whine in crates, refuse to come, et cetera. This Puppy FAQ page has answers for common puppy questions. Read More.

Puppy Quiz

Neighbors, co-workers, pet supply store clerks and everyone else is an expert on how you should raise your puppy. Before you follow their advice, see if these well-intentioned folks can ace this puppy quiz! When you are ready for expert help raising your puppy, contact How’s Bentley! Read More.

Bentley Barks Facts

Assorted facts & statistics about dogs, puppies and the people that love them. Read More.

HB House Training QSG

House training a puppy, adolescent, adult or senior dog can be very frustrating. Even the most experienced owners have problems house training some dogs! Read More.

Dog Training Session Tips

Teaching a puppy or dog to sit, down and stay is the easy part. Once your dog has learned the commands, you’ll conduct training sessions in many locations with increasingly more difficult distractions. Here are 8 tips about dog training sessions. Read More.

Bentley Barks Articles

For years some dog trainers have suggested that you establish yourself as alpha, as pack leader, and your dog will listen to you, respect you and all will be well. Read More.

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