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Can you train a house cat?

Yes, but the individual kitty must be well socialized and enjoy interacting with people. And of course, you must have patience and learn a bit about the science of behavior and training. For if you donít, your cat will probably train you!

House Cat Training and Behavior Topics:
  • inside elimination disorders
  • fearful behaviors
  • litter box problems
  • feline-feline aggression (same household)
  • feline-canine aggression (same household)
  • feline-people aggression (same household)
  • accept the presence of cat-friendly dogs (same household)
  • come when called
  • remain indoors when people enter and exit
  • relax while traveling
  • off the furniture
  • jump to safe shelf
  • relax for medical care
  • high five
  • high ten
  • fetch
  • any behavior the cat is capable of performing


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