All services rates listed on this web site apply to all species.

The methods I use are applicable to all animals. Iíve found many to be better students than dogs. In some instances, itís necessary for me to work with other animals in order to solve canine issues. In other situations, my initial goals involved species other than manís best friend.

My experiences with kitties usually involve dogs, but not always. In feline-only cases, I have worked with clients to successfully modify feline aggression and litter box problems. Examples of additional topics are: teaching cats to relax and accept the presence of cat friendly dogs - come when called - remain indoors when people enter and exit - relax while traveling.

Occasionally I am called on to help people teach their horses. Examples of topics are: back-up on command - come when called - enter a trailer or stall - relax for equipment fittings.

I have successfully instructed bird owners on how best to communicate with and how best to motivate their feathered friends. Examples of topics are: teaching a parrot quiet - come when called - return to cage

Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Rats, Reptiles
I will work with owners of less common pets. Contact me for suggestions for teaching your rabbit, pet goat, pony, guinea pig, or rat.

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