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Animal Learning & Behavior

The methods I teach foster an attitude of cooperation and contribute to partnerships between the animals and the humans. Although the trainers are the senior partners, the trainers work for the animals and the animals work for the trainers. Read More

Dog, Cat & Animal Problem Behavior Solutions

The most common problem behaviors in puppies are house training, jumping up and play biting. Problems with adolescent and adult dogs are digging, barking, running away, and pulling on lead. More serious conditions include separation anxiety, compulsive disorders and aggression. Read More.

Treatment for Aggressive Animals, Dogs, Cats

Aggressive behaviors include growling, snarling, barking, snapping, hissing (cats), scratching (cats) or biting. Problem aggression is directed at companion animals or people who are perceived (by the aggressive dogs) as threats. Depending on which canine behavior professional you consult, canine aggression may be labeled as fearful aggression, protective aggression, possessive aggression, territory aggression, maternal aggression, pain aggression, impulse aggression (formerly poorly classified as dominance aggression), frustration aggression, predatory aggression, idiopathic aggression, and others. Read More.

Aggressive Animals, Dogs, Cats

Training Other Animals are applicable to all animals. Iíve found many to be better students than dogs. In some instances, itís necessary for me to work with other animals in order to solve canine issues. In other situations, my initial goals involved species other than manís best friend. Read More.

House Cat Training

Can you train a house cat? Read More.

Training Other Animals

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