Forget About Alpha

For years, some dog trainers have suggested that you establish yourself as the alpha, as pack leader, and your dog will listen to you, respect you, and all will be well! These trainers believe that dog behavior is all about alpha, but what does that mean? How does a human occupy any position in another species' hierarchy, much less first place? Do dogs really form packs with humans? Read More

Off Leash Obedience & Too Excited to Listen

Off Leash Obedience
Off leash obedience is an advanced skill. Until you and your dog have mastered all commands on a short leash, and then at a distance on a long line, don’t expect your dog to obey when he or she is not on a lead.

Too Excited to Listen
Many clients begin our conversations by exclaiming their dogs know Sit and Come. The next phrases during these discussions are "she won’t listen to me when visitors come into the house", or "she refuses to come inside when I call her."

My experiences have taught me that it’s rarely a stubborn refusal to sit or come. Training method flaws and lofty expectations are the root causes for these failures. In many cases the client doesn’t understand how to motivate their dogs to comply. In other cases, the client has never practiced in those situations and the dogs are not prepared to succeed. The dogs cannot match the owners’ expectations because the owners have not prepared the dogs for real life environments.

The 2007 Pet Food Recall and the Regulation of Pet Foods

Many of us know that several pet foods were recalled by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in March 2007. As the investigation unfolded, additional brands and/or products were added to the recall. Most of the major brands were affected. How could so many different brands contain the same source of contamination? Read More

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