Career History

Alan J Turner, SATS LL1 (AT) started his canine training career in 1980 as a student and assistant of a local canine trainer for protection and service dogs. Throughout the next 15 years he utilized his experiences as an amateur dog trainer to pursue the occasional hobby of teaching friends and family about canine obedience and training. Although AT pursued successful full-time careers in sales, distribution, investment banking and human resources, his passion for animal training was re-ignited in the late 1990s and he decided to study behavioral science. AT enrolled in several practical and theoretical study programs. Alan studied ethology, animal learning theory, normal and abnormal canine behaviors, canine behavior modification, the biology of behavior, family counseling and related topics. All courses were taught by PhD/MS level instructors.

After completing theoretical courses and practical workshops, AT completed a 6 month mentorship under the guidance of Barbara Giella, PhD, a leader in the modern humane dog training movement in New York City during the 80s and a pioneer in holistic early puppy training.

In 2001, AT established How's Bentley - Dog Friendly Training and Problem Behavior Solutions. AT continues his education by attending seminars and educational conferences and maintaining a close relationship with prominent animal behavior and training professionals.

More recently AT has been working with Kayce Cover, B.S., M.A. studying Syn Alia Training System (SATS). Although AT does not hold specific SATS classes, many of the techniques taught by Kayce are used throughout training and behavior modification programs.

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